As the "Collector Grade" decks have SOLD OUT, I have a handful of damaged-box decks! Please note that the price reflects the type of damage / extent of damage. Along with that, these are sold AS IS. They are damaged and will arrive in such shape. No additional refunds / discounts / etc. will apply. I will do my best to ship out the better quality decks first! So the sooner you purchase one, the more likely the damage will be lighter!


Heavy Damage: As you can see from the image, these decks will have NOTICEABLE damage that somewhat marrs the artwork. The cards should, in theory, be fine. However, the box does look quite beat up and / or may have a tilt in shape. This may be one corner to multiple corners that add up to this rating.


Again, these items are solid AS IS. And due to the demand / my general busyness, I am unable to provide specific photos for the deck(s) you will recieve.


For those that missed out on the Kickstarter, here is your chance to snag this popular deck! This is a full, 78-Card deck that includes both Major and Minor Arcana. (There are also two "bonus" cards that act as a bio and info sheet.) The box is MAGNETIC, with a "locking" flap. The cards are gilded with a gold edge, and the backsides are SYMMETRICAL, so you do not have a "tell" as to whether the card is upright or inverted. Cards are a 400 gsm gaming cardstock with a glossy finish that provides the best image possible. (Please note that these are SEALED decks. As such, they cannot be individually inspected, which means minor print errors may be present. Decks are sold as is.) You can also get a signed deck! I will sign the inside flap with a gold, permanent marker for a small additional fee.


(Sorry, International Peeps, additional shipping fees are required, so please choose the appropriate listing. Unfortunately, due to the weight of these decks, shipping is about $16 total for Canada and $23 elsewhere.)


FINAL, FINAL NOTE: For these decks, coupon codes currently will NOT apply, regardless of the amount off. Sorry! This may change in the future.


International Buyers: You are responsible for any additional fees / import taxes / etc. that your country, county, city... may incur. My shipping prices--including the additional fees here--are ONLY USPS shipping fees. It's expensive, I know, but that's the cost.

DAMAGED - Tarot of the Unknown, 78-Card Deck


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