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is the CEO of Future Landfill Press, a company that mostly exists as a logo.

Holly L'Oiseau

is an illustrator and product designer originally from East Tennessee, now residing in Savannah, GA. She's been obsessed with simplicity from an early age, which translates to works that often have few colors and uncomplicated shapes. She suffers from Bipolar I disorder, so art is about feeling as much as aesthetics. When not doodling, you can find her watching movies with her husband and son, giggling with our baby girl, combing the beach, or searching Bonaventure Cemetery for headstones she's never seen before.

Tomas Vallecillo

grew up in Cleveland, Ohio; went to school in Savannah, Georgia, to study animation; and is now located in New York City, where he is working in animation. On the side, he enjoys drawing stories (reading/watching them, too!) and thinking about what his dog would say to him if she could speak.